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Care Managers

CareTree is the perfect solution for Care Managers, whether you are a solo-practitioner or are working with a larger team, hospital or insurer. CareTree is your complete Care Management and communication software. With CareTree:

  • Track case notes
  • Store documents
  • Reconcile medications
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Easily communicate with the family
  • NO hidden costs
  • NO support fees
  • NO extra license costs
  • NO cloud fees
  • NO servers to host
Have an existing software? We make the switch simple!
CareTree brings Care Management into the 21st century. See what you're missing and schedule a demo today!

Contact us today: info@caretree.me

How Care Managers are using CareTree

Easily track case notes.
Enter your case notes and expenses from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Use your phone’s dictation service to make it even easier. With CareTree, you can quickly scroll through the entire case note history and easily share it with the rest of the team.

Update family and care team automatically.
Stop playing phone tag or managing long email chains with the family. CareTree can automatically send text messages and emails to the entire care team. Replies can be sent in CareTree, keeping the conversation organized and everyone informed.

Export straight to QuickBooks.
CareTree saves you time by allowing you to easily export all of the billable time you have tracked in your case notes straight to QuickBooks. CareTree can even create the clients and caregivers in QuickBooks, so you don’t have to enter information twice!

Reduce your paper.
CareTree lets you securely store everything about your client so you have it at your fingertips. Keep your assessments in CareTree, upload photos, and store important documents like the Power of Attorney or DNR.

Get CareTree for “FREE”.
Since you can invite the family in to access the record on CareTree (you control who has access to what), many Care Managers are passing the cost of CareTree on to their clients. They’re HAPPY to pay because it’s cheap, convenient and now they’re staying informed.

Contact us today: info@caretree.me